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Insect & Pest Control Services

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"Pest control & Extermination"

We are a team of professionals that provide professional services to combat insects and rodents

Specialized applications of disinfection to combat bacteria, microbes, viruses and other pathogens. The role of such application is the reduction of microbial load and is achieved with modern methods and formulations approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. Disinfection is necessary to maintain hygiene and avoid transmission of infectious diseases, especially in areas of increased promiscuity, such as schools, hospitals, hotels, public transport, etc. Application is done either with low pressure spraying over concrete surfaces or fogging for total coverage enclosures.


To design an integrated program to control insect infestations require inspection and identification of possible outbreaks, development, monitoring and identification of insects and selection of the appropriate method of disinsectisation. The principal is residual spraying, fogging, applying gel, the use of pheromone capture traps for crawling insects and insect traps for flying insects and other more specialized methods such as applications and anti-termite fumigation.


The main purpose of extermination is to fight any kind of rodent that may invade an area and take preventive measures to prevent possible reinfection. The steps in planning and implementing extermination programs would be the inspection of the premises and the identification of critical control points, establishing protective network bait stations and capture traps, conduct regular monitoring visits and recording of findings through sophisticated computerized systems, gather statistical information from them and finaly take necessary corrective actions to the final solution of the problem.

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